[PLUG] Linux on Apple WAS: Wanted to Introduce Myself

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Fri Sep 24 05:36:16 PDT 2004

>>>>> "Brian" == Brian Benson <brian.maillists at gmail.com> writes:

Brian> The problems :(
Brian> Macromedia will not make flash plugins for Linux running on a PPC
Brian> processor. This is very very sad.  It unfairly cripples me from
Brian> accessing a bunch of cool internet content.  No Java 1.4... another
Brian> bummer.

And that's exactly what I am pointing out.  I have a tough enough
time in the real world because I'm not running Windows and Windows IE.

Why would I *aggravate* that by running none of:

        Linux on x86

which are arguably the three biggest deployed platforms...?

Maybe those of you that are doing this can afford to not get real work
done from time to time.  I can't.  I suppose if I had a "spare"
machine instead of my "main" machine where I have to get Real Work
Done, I could run exotic operating systems on it.

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