[PLUG] Linux on Apple WAS: Wanted to Introduce Myself

Brian Benson brian.maillists at gmail.com
Fri Sep 24 09:57:02 PDT 2004

On 24 Sep 2004 05:32:43 -0700, Randal L. Schwartz <merlyn at stonehenge.com> wrote:
> Why would I *aggravate* that by running none of:
>         Windows
>         Linux on x86
>         OSX

> which are arguably the three biggest deployed platforms...?
> Maybe those of you that are doing this can afford to not get real work
> done from time to time.  I can't.  I suppose if I had a "spare"
> machine instead of my "main" machine where I have to get Real Work
> Done, I could run exotic operating systems on it.

Some of us actualy enjoy learning about new technology and playing
with new things.  Its not always work to us.  Sure there is a thin
line but being productive 100% of your life isn't that much fun.  And
honestly those that use Linux on Apple hardware don't see a difference
between Linux on x86 and Linux on PPC. Except that PPC runs faster.

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