[PLUG] generic loser file upload brainstorming

Josh Orchard josh at emediatedesigns.com
Fri Sep 24 14:25:03 PDT 2004

> I've got a client who wants to allow his customers to send him,
> effectively, core dumps of his program when requesting support.  These
> are primarily windows users.  Email attachment doesn't work because
> many MTAs will limit message size and the dumps can be ~10-20 meg
> each.
> We've been using a upload cgi solution on Linux/Apache, but I am
> interested in other solutions too.  It'd be ideal if we could find a
> hosting service that would handle this.  Has to be clueless-friendly
> and not be stopped by typical firewalls.  Ideas?
> --
> Russell Senior         ``I have nine fingers; you have ten.''
> seniorr at aracnet.com

I'd suggest using WebDAV.  You can setup a server on your Apache
server with Mod_Dav and for clients windows does it natively.  You
just need to have them setup a network location that points at your
server.  They then just copy files to that location.  There are many
webdav clients for all OS's out there.  Web dav can do authenication,
file locking, confirmation uploads and other simple yet useful
features.  No install needed for the clients on windows and there are
free clients for other operating systems.

If you want to use another service or server for file uploads you will
have to pay someone for that.  The hosting of the files.  I'd think
you could just do it on your server and have them remove the files. 
To the clients the change would be small and to you on the apache
server the files would go into the same location.

I use it for transferring files through firewalls a lot.  It works out
will.  It isn't as good as ftp or as fast, but a nice alternative.


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