[PLUG] Digital Camera on Linux

Ovid publiustemp-plug at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 25 11:26:01 PDT 2004

--- Mel Andres <mel97215 at comcast.net> wrote:
> I use an HP 735. In the USB setup menu, I have the choice of "Digital 
> Camera" or "Disk Drive". For Windoze systems, it needs to be set to 
> Digital camera, and for Linux systems disk drive. Does your camera have 
> that capability? You then need to mount the "disk drive" before you can 
> access it.

I've searched through the menus and I can't seem to find anything like that.  The closest thing I
see is a USB setting that lets me select "Computer" or "Printer."  I suspect that is not what I
want.  Searching through the manual doesn't reveal anything, either.

I tried reading through the manual, but it turns out it's in Spanish! Heh :)


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