[PLUG] Adding extensions to firefox

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Sat Sep 25 14:37:02 PDT 2004

   I read on the firefox Web site how easy it is to install an extension.
"Just click on the 'install' button, shut down the application and restart".
Hah! Fat chance.

   Trying to install the adblock plugin, I click on the 'install' button. The
progress bar widget in the lower, right corner speeds along, but ... there's
nothing there. I cannot 'find' an adblock*xpi on the hard drive. It's not
listed as an extension when I look on the tools menu.

   I must be missing something very simple again, but I cannot see what it
is. A pointer would be very helpful.



Dr. Richard B. Shepard, President
Applied Ecosystem Services, Inc. (TM)

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