[PLUG] Email Backing up

Charlie Schluting charlie at schluting.com
Mon Sep 27 17:14:02 PDT 2004

R. Haack wrote:
> I'm having the following issue.  We got our email server up and running 
> but some of our mail seems to be backed up at Clackamas ESD.  From what 
> I can tell all of this email is junk, but our server should be pulling 
> it down and then bouncing it. 

You're bouncing spam?!

The envelope sender addresses are not real. Your bounces are all likely 
to bounce, or go to innocents.

Don't bounce spam. Nobody does that anymore, really. If on the off 
chance that spam is using a real (harvested) email, an unsuspecting user 
gets a bounce for something they didn't send. So, they email their 
support people. Ugh.


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