[PLUG] Hibernation on a Sony VAIO

Bruce Kingsland wizard at renigaid.biz
Mon Sep 27 19:00:02 PDT 2004

Andrew Munkres's Log: StarDate 0924.0142:
> On Thu, 23 Sep 2004, Bruce Kingsland wrote:
> > I know that several of you had these machines when I was regularly
> > attending meetings down there, so I'm assuming that somebody knows the
> > secret to getting this to work. And I'd really appreciate some
> > pointers!
> As root, do:
> 	echo -n mem > /sys/power/state
> to suspend to memory. If you have a kernel compiled to support it and
> also hardware which supports it (the only machine I've tried it on, a
> desktop machine, apparently doesn't), do the same except for s/mem/disk/
> to suspend to disk instead.

If I enter: 
 	echo -n mem > /sys/power/state
The system writes something to a file, and drops power. It happens
fast enough that I don't think the logs are able to capture it; at
least I can't find any entries. It does complain on boot about not
being able to install mkmdp (whatever that is).

If I enter: 
 	echo -n disk > /sys/power/state
Nothing happens.

> Warning: One time I did this, some things didn't act correctly
> (e.g. Konqueror would crash when attempting to save a page) until the
> machine was rebooted.

With the windows machine, when you logout you are presented with a
login/shutdown screen. If you press the shift key and click on
suspend, it goes into hibernate mode. Rebooting is very fast.

I'm thinking (perhaps incorrectly) that from within the KDE session
there should be some similar mechanism. On my old thinkpad, there was
a keystroke combination that would invoke the hibernation event (which
worked in DOS/Windows/OS2, but not in linux -- and IBM had already
obsoleted the hardware so wouldn't provide any clues). I don't know
what that keyboard combination might be on the VAIO, as it was bought
used, and the owners manual is missing.

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