[PLUG] Hibernation on a Sony VAIO

Andrew Munkres amunk at pdx.edu
Mon Sep 27 19:39:02 PDT 2004

On Mon, 27 Sep 2004, Bruce Kingsland wrote:

> Andrew Munkres's Log: StarDate 0924.0142:
> > As root, do:
> > 	echo -n mem > /sys/power/state
> If I enter:
>  	echo -n mem > /sys/power/state
> The system writes something to a file, and drops power. It happens
> fast enough that I don't think the logs are able to capture it; at
> least I can't find any entries. It does complain on boot about not
> being able to install mkmdp (whatever that is).

It turns all the way off rather than hibernate? On mine, after the
"suspend to memory" action finishes, the power light blinks continuously,
and pressing a mouse button (of a PS/2 mouse) un-suspends it.

Also, the daemon "acpid" can be used (supposedly -- I haven't tried it) to
have things be done in response to a press of the power button. An excerpt
from the man page:
       This example - placed in /etc/acpi/events/power - will shut  down  your
       system if you press the power button.

       action=/usr/local/sbin/power.sh "%e"

       The  script power.sh gets called and will see the complete event string
       as parameter $1.

> If I enter:
>         echo -n disk > /sys/power/state
> Nothing happens.

That's probably because the code to suspend to disk isn't present in the
kernel. Here is an excerpt of my kernel config file:
# Power management options (ACPI, APM)

> > Warning: One time I did this, some things didn't act correctly
> > (e.g. Konqueror would crash when attempting to save a page) until the
> > machine was rebooted.

Also, I found that the ethernet isn't usable after unsuspending it. (Maybe
reloading the driver module would make it usable again.)

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