[PLUG] Email Backing up

Charlie Schluting charlie at schluting.com
Tue Sep 28 07:52:01 PDT 2004

Mike Witt wrote:
> Question about this. If you categorize mail as spam, not spam,
> and "unsure" - what do you do with the "unsure" mail. I've been
> bouncing it. 

That's not too bad then.. but you're still seeing a pileup, so it can't 
be too good. I accept unsure mail, and filter to a SPAM folder, and in 
turn verify there are no false positives. I also feed spam and ham to 
sa-learn for bayesian scoring.. I haven't had a false positive in ~9 months.
For large sites, its hard to do that. We just started dropping all spam 
at my work, and let users choose if they wanted "all or none" (those 
would get on a whitelist).

Also, when I look at my sendmail logs, it appears
> that the *majority* of spam that comes to my server is for
> users that simply don't exist. It appears that a number of
> spammers just send to the "100 most common names" at every domain
> they can think of. All these messages are bounced with a "no such user"
> type message by sendmail, right?. Thoughts?

I hope not bouced.. those shouldn't be accepted in the first place. 
(i.e. should result in a 5xx code during the initial SMTP transaction)
Things that aren't resulting in a DSN, like the above, can't pile up in 
your mail q. This is a good thing.


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