[PLUG] Kernel compilation (2.6)

Robert Kopp iconoklastic at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 28 19:40:02 PDT 2004

Carla Schroder maintained that gcc-2.95.3 is
definitely the version to use when compiling a 2.6
kernel. Few of us are using a release of Linux that
installs this version of gcc by default, so I am
wondering how to proceed (on FC2).

I have compiled gcc-2.95.3 in my home directory (using
gcc-3.3.3-7) but have not installed it system wide.
The kernel sources are also in my home directory, but
elsewhere, of course.

If this version of gcc is installed system-wide, Carla
Schroder states that the way to select it is by the
following command:

gcc -V 2.95.3

This is not the command that one would actually use
for kernel building ("make bzImage") so perhaps it
involves an adjustment in the Makefile?

If gcc-2.95.3 can be invoked without system-wide
installation, I'm content to leave it where it is.
Anyhow, what is the best way to make it the active
version of gcc when compiling the kernel? 

Robert "Tim" Kopp

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