[PLUG] Email Backing up

Darkhorse plug_0 at robinson-west.com
Tue Sep 28 23:41:01 PDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-09-28 at 07:00, Mike Witt wrote:
> Question about this. If you categorize mail as spam, not spam,
> and "unsure" - what do you do with the "unsure" mail. I've been
> bouncing it. Also, when I look at my sendmail logs, it appears
> that the *majority* of spam that comes to my server is for
> users that simply don't exist. It appears that a number of
> spammers just send to the "100 most common names" at every domain
> they can think of. All these messages are bounced with a "no such user"
> type message by sendmail, right?. Thoughts?

Go to www.postfix.org and put a restricted relay in front of you're mail
server the way I did.  If an email address being targeted at my site
doesn't exist, I send a 550 user unknown relaying denied error back.  

Randal of stonehenge.com has some really good ideas on configuring
postfix to accurately deter spam, but I haven't been able to get a hold
of him myself.  One of his ideas is a spamtrap, a backup exchanger after
all of your other exchangers that never accepts mail 550'ing anyone who
tries to use it.  The concept here is that you are not supposed to use
the highest numbered exchanger first.  I'd love to learn how to
implement a spamtrap using postfix.  If you aren't using it, I recommend
Jim Sun's pflogsumm.pl for postfix as it helps you see what's going on.
If you're a sendmail expert great.  Otherwise, consider using postfix
instead.  See http://www.postfix.org/.

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