[PLUG] Firefox, I want my ctrl-u back

Evan Heidtmann clydefrog at adnap.no-ip.com
Thu Sep 30 21:51:02 PDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-09-30 at 20:29, Matt Alexander wrote:
> With the latest version of Firefox, 1.0PR, ctrl-u now gives you the
> HTML source instead of clearing the line.  So now it's time-consuming
> to hold down the backspace key to delete whatever is in a URL or form
> field so I can then middle-click what I want to paste in.  Does anyone
> know how to get the previous functionality of ctrl-u back?

I don't know how to get back the original behavior, but you can work
around it by middle-clicking in the main window. Firefox will do its
best to go to the url you pasted, googling if it's not a url.


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