[PLUG] Debian "repository" on large USB stick?

Richard Owlett rowlett at cloud85.net
Sun Nov 11 07:35:59 PST 2012

Richard Owlett wrote:
> Jason Barnett wrote:
>> [snip]
>> This page has an explanation of how to create a local repository that is
>> NOT signed but explains step-by-step what the commands are doing. About mid
>> way down in the comments, there are a couple of scripts that readers have
>> submitted that may be what you are looking for...
>> http://odzangba.wordpress.com/2006/10/13/how-to-build-local-apt-repositories/
>> Hope this helps. I may have to do this myself, just to speed up the updates
>> on my machines...
> It's looking good. Should have report this evening or
> tomorrow morning ;)

I think I've got it. Won't be able to test until this 
afternoon or tomorrow. I'm getting slow in my retirement 
years ;)

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