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While I don't have a solution to your immediate problem, I can tell you,
I've had much better luck with the sound quality of FLAC files, as opposed
to the lossy lower quality file formats like mp3, aac, & even ogg vorbis.

Whenever I can choose FLAC, I do so, whether it's recording, ripping,
buying, downloading, (in  any situation).  Also, FLAC is a free codec, like
ogg vorbis & Theora.



On Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 12:03 PM, Richard C. Steffens <rsteff at comcast.net>wrote:

> I have some mp3 recordings to transcribe. For some reason these
> recordings have some noise in them. What it sounds like is the noise
> left over when I use a filter in Audacity to remove some noise. (I know,
> that's a bit weird, but maybe some of you who use the Audacity filter
> will recognize the effect.) Anyway, the other weird part of this is that
> if I listen to them on my wife's Win7 machine, they are clear as a bell.
> They are also clear as a bell if I listen to them on my laptop running
> XP. The same laptop hardware running Ubuntu 10.4 has the noise.
> Not all mp3 files on my Ubuntu machine exhibit this problem. So far,
> it's just the two. They both were recorded phone conversations, but I
> don't know the recording technology used. It could have been a hand held
> recorder sitting next to a speaker phone -- that's the usual technique
> -- or it could have been a fancy phone system that has the ability to
> record a call. The call is between two offices of a big, east coast
> consulting company that could very well have that technology.
> Anyway, does anyone have any ideas about why the sound on my Linux
> machines show this noise while the sound on two Winders machines does
> not? And more important, is there anything I can do about it, other than
> listening on XP while typing on Ubuntu?
> Thanks.
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> Regards,
> Dick Steffens
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