[PLUG] Victor upgraded to Ubuntu 12.something

Victor Soich vsoich at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 21:44:02 PST 2012

Dear Plug clinic,

I don't like my Ubuntu 12.something.  I can't figure out what programs
are on my machine.  There is no menu.  I want to go back to 10.04.  Or
I want to put on Mint or Debian on my desktop computer.  I really
don't relish hauling my desktop computer down to the clinic, with my
monitor, printer, et. al.  Can I get help backing up my files, blowing
away Ubuntu 12.something, and putting Debian on my machine, and make
sure I can surf the internet, and be able to print, all in the span of
4 hours.  I've had issues with all these things in the past, and each
time it took an inordinate amount of time.

On second thought, I may be getting a laptop, and putting Linux from
Scratch, or Debian on it, or whatever more sophisticated people than I
suggest.  Once I get that working to my satisfaction, I'll blow away
my Ubuntu 12.something.  Unless there some quick trick to go back to
10.04, I'll leave well enough alone.  Is there a mechanism to roll
back the operating system, so to speak?

Victor Soich

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