[PLUG] Victor upgraded to Ubuntu 12.something

Richard Owlett rowlett at cloud85.net
Sat Nov 17 03:24:49 PST 2012

John Jason Jordan wrote:
> On Fri, 16 Nov 2012 21:44:02 -0800
> Victor Soich <vsoich at gmail.com> dijo:
>> Dear Plug clinic,
>> I don't like my Ubuntu 12.something.  ...Can I get help backing up my files, blowing
>> away Ubuntu 12.something, and putting Debian on my machine, ...

Debian is happy to dual boot with debian or Windows. I don't 
see why it wouldn't be happy to dual boot with Ubuntu.
One of my installs has the default  install of "every thing 
PLUS kitchen sink" ;/ It is just under 4 GB.

>> [SNIP]
> I have live CDs of all the above except Debian. Debian is designed to
> be installed over the net, so there is just a very small bootable CD.

Oh , it's definitely _designed_ for internet connected 
install. But it will install without difficulty from either 
the 1st CD/DVD of the set or the LiveCD. With network 
physically disconnected, it will merrily ask about a half 
dozen network related questions which you ignore by pressing 
<ENTER>. It will then divine that [non-existent ;] network 
could not be configure and will present a menu including a 
choice to configure network at a later time.

I'm in rural SW MO at the end of a 56k dial-up connection. 
Bought a set of DVDs and have had no problems when making 
reasonably normal installs. In pursuing my personal 
definition of a minimal install I've exposed a few bugs.

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