[PLUG] Pointer Color

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Tue Sep 3 11:40:12 PDT 2013

   I would like to find where the cursor (mouse, trackball) color is
controlled for various applications. This is not the position cursor such as
the point position in emacs, alpine, or lyx which indicates where the next
keystroke will be displayed, but the position of the mouse or trackball
cursor which is a very thin "I" beam.

   My alpine window is configured as white text on a black background (high
contrast but easier on my eyes than black text on a bright white
background), and the trackball cursor is white which makes it easy to

   When I write using LyX the page background is a pale beige and the thin
black trackball cursor is easily lost among the black text. I cannot find a
LyX configuration color for this pointing-device position.

   In firefox the cursor is a black arrow on a white background so it's easy
to see there.

   Is there a generic location that sets mouse/trackball position cursor
based on the application's background color? I tried looking for 'gtkconfig'
but did not find it and I don't think it's applicable for all applications
in any case.


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