[PLUG] New to the area, looking to expand my job-gaining-potential

Tyrell Jentink tyrell at jentink.net
Fri Sep 13 16:05:05 PDT 2013

Good afternoon to the list,

My name is Tyrell, and I just moved to Portland from Reno, NV a couple of
weeks ago; I'm still trying to settle in, finding jobs and a home and such.
 In Reno, I went to UNR for Geography, but that school didn't offer much in
the way of what I was looking for (Geographic Information Systems), and so
I came up here on the hope of getting residency and then getting into the
GIS program at PSU.

While GIS is largely dominated by the Windows-only ArcGIS suite, server and
networking technologies largely surround the use of infrastructure based on
Linux and Unix, and I can't imagine it being a BAD thing trying to build up
some IT experience before finishing school and entering the job force in my
"Real" field of study.  Further, I have been using Linux as my primary
operating system for the better part of a decade, and wouldn't mind
expanding my knowledge of it, even if just as a hobby.  Most of my
experience is in Fedora, but I have dabbled in Debian/Ubuntu, FreeBSD, and
Mac OS lightly here and there; I would LIKE to think that I'm fairly decent
at system administration, but I'm a far cry from the gurus I'm used to
seeing in the Reno Linux User group, and I'm equally certain that people on
this list can show up many of the people in Reno...

I would love to expand my knowledge in general, and maybe get a job as a

SO, here's the question:  RHCSA is a $400 test; RHCE is another $400.  Is
it worth it? And with CompTIA A+, those, and my experience building my own
systems, how difficult is it to get a Linux job in these parts?

Thank you all for your help
Tyrell Jentink

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