[PLUG] Looking for the grub-emu info page

Dale Snell ddsnell at frontier.com
Sun Sep 22 08:11:57 PDT 2013

On Fri, 20 Sep 2013 23:11:25 -0700
Michael Dexter <dexter at ambidexter.com> wrote:

> I am looking for the grub-emu info (not man!) page referenced in the man
> page:
> http://manned.org/grub-emu/9e965fe3
> "The  full  documentation  for grub-emu is maintained as a Texinfo
> manual. If the info and grub-emu programs are properly installed  at
> your  site, the command
>     info grub-emu
> should give you access to the complete manual."
> Could someone please shoot me a copy of this info page or a link to it?
> Thanks!
> Michael

I found a list of files in Debian's grub-emu package.  Unfortunately,
as you can see here


there does not seem to be a .info file, just the man page.  Fedora
does not support grub-emu at all.  I presume that Red Hat doesn't

I suspect that you're going to have to download the grub2 sources
and compile them yourself, which will generate the doc files.
That's assuming that the grub-emu.info page actually exists, which
it may not.  My google-fu came up blank (i.e., zero pages) several
times.  Another thing you could try is emailing the GNU folks a
line asking about grub-emu.  If anyone could tell you where to get
the info page, they could.  Also, GNU supports a number of IRC
channels on freenode, including #grub and #gnu.  That might be
faster than emailing them.

Anyway, sorry I couldn't help more.  Best of luck to you.


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