[PLUG] Ubuntu upgrade help

John Meissen john at meissen.org
Fri Sep 27 11:27:52 PDT 2013

dick at dicksteffens.com said:
> Did you install GNOME session fallback? In the Ubuntu Software Center  it's
> called:

>      GNOME Session Manager - GNOME fallback session
>      gnome-session-fallback

Yes. That was implied when I said I got most of the gnome environment back, and 
that I wasn't using Unity. I suppose I could have done something else, though.

> I use that, and with it <ctl><alt>T gives me a terminal window. 

That may be. But it's awkward, and I have a different, much more natural and 
comfortable combination that I've used for years. I don't want to retrain my 
fingers. In the old system it was a simple matter to redefine the keys.

Now they're trying to make the settings interface look like a Mac, and IMHO 
have only screwed things up.

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