[PLUG] Ubuntu upgrade help

John Meissen john at meissen.org
Fri Sep 27 12:22:52 PDT 2013

paulm at freegeek.org said:
> apt-get install  compizconfig-settings-manager will get you the old setting
> manager 

I already had compizconfig-settings-manager installed, that's what I was using.

> Then enable Desktop Wall (or rotate cube) -> bindings
> (Ctrl+Alt + arrow is the default, I think, but I may have set that) 

I tried Rotate Cube. Holy cow, that screwed things up. Pinned windows lost 
their positions, I suddenly couldn't access any of the virtual desktops. I 
tried to reset things back to the way they were, hopefully I succeeded.

I tried Desktop Wall instead. That works well enough (although I wish it would 

When I logged out and back in it complained that there were updates pending 
that needed a reboot. Is it suddenly downloading and applying updates in the 
background?!? That's a no-no. Update Manager settings still shows "Display" 
only. Is there a different setting somewhere else?

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