[PLUG] Ubuntu upgrade help

John Meissen john at meissen.org
Mon Sep 30 11:03:50 PDT 2013

Two more annoyances ....

The panel at the bottom of the screen (WindowList) used to have an option to 
"auto-hide". It doesn't do that anymore, and it's taking up valuable screen 
real estate that I want back. I've checked every "configuration" and 
"preferences" screen I can find. Any suggestions on how to restore that feature?

Also, now whenever I happen to move a window to the top of the screen it 
automatically "maximizes" the window. Damnit, if I want Windows I'll run 
Windows. :-( I can't imagine on what planet this might be useful. How 
do I turn that off? If I want a window maximized I can do it myself.

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