[PLUG] Ubuntu upgrade help

John Meissen john at meissen.org
Mon Sep 30 14:34:08 PDT 2013

johnxj at comcast.net said:
> "John Meissen" <john at meissen.org> dijo:
> >That's it. No "panel options" or "panel settings". No "more settings" .
> I don't use the same desktop as you, so my advice might be wrong. But it seems
> to me that you clicked on one of the widgets (or applets, among other names)
> that live in the panel, rather than clicking on the panel itself . It can be
> tricky to find a spot on the panel that is not occupied by a widget, but once
> you find one you should get the panel options. 

That was it. I needed to <super><alt><right-click> on the panel (super = 
Windows key) and then I got the correct preferences screen.


I still need a way to disable this stupid auto-maximize every time I 
accidentally hit the top of the screen when moving a window. :-(

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